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Mini Skid Steer Services

Serving Home, Business and Contractors

Do you have a small or large project in mind?

Partial Listing of Services
  • Excavating
  • Grading for Drainage
  • Grading, Leveling
  • Move dirt, rock, mulch fast
  • Concrete Removal --Sidewalks, Driveways etc.
  • Tree and Shrub Removal, Transplanting
  • Trench for Drain Pipe, Water Lines etc.
  • Land Clearing
  • Stump Removal
  • Excavating for Additions
  • Landscaping
  • Paver Areas

Drainage Correction
Drain Tile
  • Can move 10 cubic yards clean fill, rock, mulch 100 feet in 1 hour.
  • See what a mini skid machine can do in the hands of someone that knows how to use it.
  • Can be cheaper than renting.
  • Fits through a 36 inch gate.
  • Will bring plywood to run on, preserves lawn and landscape.
  • Light weight on tracks, no more than a riding lawn mower.

Dingo Compact Utility Loader
Modern Light Weight Equipment
Minimizes hand labor and increases productivity
Tackles any task with a multitude of attachments
Works with a light footprint in tight spots
Multi-purpose workhorse

We strive to give fast and courteous service with affordable pricing and we serve a diverse base of customers which includes landscaper's, home owners, and construction while matching our equipment to your project needs.
Machine with attachments and operator.
  • Fully insured
  • Experienced and Reliable Operator

$40 per hour ($60.00 minimum)
Price includes operator and attachments
* Trenches and Excavating requires utilities marked prior to digging. We notify a minimum 48 hours in advance.
Available for initial visit / quote mornings, 7 days a week. Earlier the better.

Mims, Titusville, Cocoa, Merit Island, Rockledge


We have refined drainage correction skills and employ a variety of solutions. We install drain tile. Our drainage correction material provides a second layer of defense along with a graded area topped with 2 layers poly and landscape rock. A French Drain provides an enhanced environment for drain tile and can be visually appealing in the landscape.

The installation of a rain garden or holding pond is a great way to keep some of the run off allowing water to percolate into the ground. We install decorative rain gardens. Dry stream beds can also collect allot of water from runoff.


Landscape Lighting, Seasonal, Holiday and Christmas Lighting, Install and Sales

Low voltage landscape lighting provides both attractive and useful lighting, along with security features when combined with motion detectors.

We install low voltage landscape lights that are dimmable, respond to motion, wireless remotes, indoor and outdoor switches, in combination with photo sensors and timers.
Our lighting installs can be integrated with X10 and INSTEON home automation devices. We specialize in smart yard installs and even manufacture our own smart light controller.
Smart lights provide excellent security features along with energy saving installations.

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