Tree and Shrub Trimming / Removal Services

All Palms, Trees, Hedges - Trim, Top, Shape, Remove. Trims cleaned up and hauled away.

Smaller trees are trimmed to shape and train future growth. Larger trees may require trimming to raise the canopy, thin out and shape, and trim away from buildings etc. The best approach to trimming trees is selective thinning.

Selective thinning is the removal of limbs that do not contribute to a uniform evenly spaced or strong limb structure.
Selective thinning is the best way to shape a tree for both appearance and future growth.
Selective Thinning

  1. Remove limbs that do not grow up and away from the trunk.
  2. Remove limbs that are to close to one another; leave the better wanted limb.
  3. Begin removing unwanted limbs which stem from the trunk. This takes practice. Walk around the trunk looking for limbs that are too close together, and remove the least desirable.
  4. We are looking for balance here. Limbs to leave will be the most uniform in size and shape with others. Remove any limbs too close to the ground as well.

The photo below shows a tree that has been trimmed to raise and shape. Technique is selective thinning. Scroll down to view the before photo. Selective thinning example - After picture

Selective thinning example - Before picture

Palm trim, clean trunk example - After picture Palm trim, clean trunk example - Before picture

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